Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Easter

He is RISEN! We had a wonderful Easter at the Walton house this year. I had too many pictures to just pick a few for a post, so I made a slide show of some of my favorites from the weekend.


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Monday, April 4, 2011


I had to make a separate post for this! Jeff and I had racked our brains for something we to get Riley for his birthday - he has more toys and clothes than any child could want or need. But, we finally came up with it...

It's a COWBELL!!
When I asked what he did with a cowbell, he quickly said,
"I've never had one of these before? Can I ring it?"
His first cowbell ring!
And of course, a thump on the ground for good measure!
I see years of ringing in The Junction in his future.

Riley is 4!

We celebrated Riley’s fourth birthday March 26! He had a Phineas and Ferb party this year – his favorite cartoon! Hailey Peterson (now at Cups & Cakes in Starkville) made his cake and did a fantastic job!

We had a jumper, cake and ice cream, and more presents than any child could ever play with. All his grands were able to make it, too, so that made the day pretty special.

At 4, Riley is very into his Thomas the Train sets, loves Matchbox cars, and is starting to learn how to put letters together to make words. He loves to use his sidewalk chalk to spell whatever he sees – tree, grass, house, flowers, bicycle, etc… He is still very much an outside boy and would rather be playing in the yard, swinging on his swing, or riding his bike than anywhere else. He loves to sing and has recently become quite a dance - hindered only by the fact that he got his mama’s rhythm (or lack thereof!) but does not lack enthusiasm. We registered him last week for K4 at our church for the fall so he’ll go half a day there and the other half at the daycare where he is now. His class seems to be split between FUMC K4 and Winston Academy’s K4, so he’ll get to make some new friends next year.

Enjoy the pictures from the party!!
I'm 4!!
Good lookin' Walton boys!
Thanks for my party, Mama!
Gran giving Eli a go on the jumper - he wanted on there so bad!
Getting the cake ready for the Birthday Boy!
Blowing out the candles!

So many presents!
We took a few home to open!

ELI at 1 year

This is a little delayed but I still wanted to share my favorites from Eli's one-year photo shoot. His little personality is really getting big! He (finally!) started walking (March 26) and continues to eat and sleep well. His vocabulary and "bag of tricks" are growing everyday - he says Mama, Daddy, Ri-Ri, no-no, ball, and b'loon most often. He has started signing "more" and can "Patty Cake" with the best of them. We can already see he is going to be pretty stubborn and strong-willed, but have no idea where he could've gotten that tendency. Hmmm...

We are so blessed by our healthy little boy...but also can't figure out just who in either family he looks like! Guesses?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday to ELI!!

Eli turned 1 January 30 and we celebrated his first birthday February 6. We had to delay a few days due to some wintery weather that postponed Meems' and Peeps' arrival. Eli LOVED his cake - and why wouldn't he? It was delicious and adorable!

At one, Eli has five teeth, is cruising and considering walking, starting to figure out some words,  and has the most infectious chuckle. He's not a laugh-y, smile-y baby, but when he's really tickled, he has the cutest laugh. He's adjusted well to daycare and has a big appetite (out-eats his big brother most meals!). He definitely knows what he wants and will let you know if he doesn't get it. At his one-year check up, he weighed 28 pounds and was 32 inches long.

Happy birthday, sweet Eli!
Did someone say "CAKE?"
No hesitation - he was ready to get his hands on that cake!
And he dug right in.
And continued to cram it in...
....until we took it away, which he did NOT like at all!
Happy birthday from Uncle Shan, Aunt Dee, Zach & Reagan!